Ocean Hackathon #4

Bring your own expertise, share your ideas, imagine innovative solutions, design new digital tools, develop your network, get access to unexploited data, learn more together coached by experts... and enjoy a friendly week-end!


Participate in Ocean hackathon®!

Ocean hackathon® is a 48 hours non-stop event during which some teams imagine innovative use of ocean data. To do that, they will tackle challenges submitted few months before by natural person or legal entity.

It is a unique opportunity to experience an idea around the sea by:

  • Access to a variety of digital data;
  • The presence of high-level coaches who supervise the teams all weekend long on various subjects: data understanding, programming, marine science and technology, business model, pitch art, legal expertise, etc;
  • The extreme motivation of team members from different backgrounds;
  • The friendly, studious but relaxed atmosphere of the Ocean Hackathon® community.

4th edition will take place in Brest (France) and simultaneously in other cities in France and Europe.

This year, the Ocean Hackathon® is being exported and will take place in the following 9 cities:

  • Brest (29), supported by Campus mondial de la mer,
  • Champs-sur-Marne (77), run by the Ecole Nationale des Sciences Géographiques,
  • Cherbourg (50), led by the Communauté d’Agglomération Le Cotentin,
  • Dinan (22), led by Dinan Agglomération,
  • La Rochelle (17), led by the Communauté d’Agglomération de La Rochelle,
  • México, supported by the Institut Français d’Amérique Latine and the Ambassade de France au Mexique,
  • Papeete (987),
  • Sète (34), carried by Sète Agglopole Méditerranée and
  • Toulon (83), led by TVT Innovation.

What is a challenge?

A challenge can come from a simple idea or a need of sea users. It may also be a more mature project that needs a boost or special expertise.

A challenge at Ocean Hackathon® is based on the use of the digital data made available. The nature of this data can be very varied: nautical charts, photos, seabed and seabed, legal aspects and maritime safety, cable location, wrecks, landmarks, buoyage, tides, water levels, oceanographic forecasts, biology, pollution, ecology, physico-chemistry, coastline, marine activities, etc. The data will be provided by data providers from previous editions of Ocean Hackathon® and other providers identified by the challenge providers or host cities of this 4th edition. The Breton tip is the initial experimental area but the data providers will allow to extend to other territories according to the needs of the challenge carriers.

The fields of application concerned:

  • Improve access to heritage information,
  • Share and contribute to common knowledge,
  • Improve resource management,
  • Improve access to the sea,
  • Adopt new modes of governance, etc.

103 projects were selected. Their objective? To achieve a new product or service and even the creation of a company, to clear an innovative concept, or to share knowledge about the seas and oceans. In each city, organization crews are now actively sorting them and picking the challenges that teams will have to tackle from October, 11 to 13.

Registration for team members will open at the beginning of September 2019.

The ambassadors

Ocean Hackathon® is supported by 5 renowned national ambassadors:

  • Ifremer,
  • The Shom,
  • The French Maritime Cluster,
  • The French Agency for Biodiversity and
  • Cedre.

Ocean Hackathon® is coordinated by the team of Campus mondial de la mer, an initiative led by Technopôle Brest-Iroise.

Coordinatrice : Gwénaëlle Coudroy






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