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Brest Life is both a brand and a territorial marketing approach that aims to vouch for the attractiveness of the Brest employment area. It brings together all the public and private players that adhere to its values and wish to be part of it.

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A territorial marketing approach is only effective if it is adopted and carried by a community. This community represents the "founding fathers" of the Metropolitan Strategy for Economic Development (Stratégie Métropolitaine de Développement Economique) (SMDE), adopted in 2016: the Metropolitan Pole of the Pays de Brest (Pôle Métropolitain du Pays de Brest) and its seven intercommunalities, consular chambers (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Métropolitaine Bretagne Ouest, Chamber of Agriculture of Finistère, Chamber of Trades and Crafts), the Council of Development of the Pays de Brest, economic networks, national and international groups (THALES, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa ...), SMEs and VSEs, the academic structures of higher education, as  public operators (SNCF, EDF, Pôle emploi ...).

All share the certainty that this territory has all the necessary assets to offer the best living conditions to its inhabitants and development to its companies.


Brest Life reveals the territory's vitality during events, rallies or targeted actions, such as:

  • Brest Economic Forums since 2017
  • the annual Nautic Paris Boat Show in December
  • Brest Life Experience
  • Recruiter Network
  • the APEC Fair, June 2019
  • The "Bossez à l'ouest" job dating operation in Paris by Club TGV Bretagne, February 3, 2020

It also offers a toolbox for its ambassadors, including inspiring videos, documents that present the territory...

It is also active on social networks : join the Brest Life community!


The brand Brest Life fosters 3 fundamental values :

Here, passion for adventure is in our DNA!

From la Pérouse to Bougainville, the great maritime epics of the eighteenth century from Brest, have left a legacy of thirst for exploration, adventure and innovation. Since then, combined with an opening to the distinctive world of all ports, this heritage has grown.

The Pays de Brest now accounts for 24% of public research in Brittany. In addition to the CHRU, ranked 8th in the nation due to its research results. In Europe, Brest ranks 1st in the field of marine sciences and technologies. Paul-Emile-Victor Polar Institute, Ifremer and the Brittany-Atlantic sea pole have chosen Brest as their headquarters. To promote this maritime excellence internationally, all players are now gathered on the World Campus of the Brest Sea, recognized by the State in 2015.

To explore is also to innovate, to create and to undertake. The territory has developed great captains of national and international companies and industrial explorers who brought to life great adventures such as those of SDMO, the Leclerc Group, crêpes Whaou, hotels Oceania as well as B & B, Maison du Monde, Groupe Le Duff with Brioche Dorée ...

More recently, start-ups that innovate within the French Tech Brest + in the digital field via the many incubators offered by the territory perpetuate this state of mind.

In fact, Brest bubbles with creativity and a passion for culture and knowledge. With more than 25,000 readers and 1.3 million loans per year, Brest has the highest rate of readers in France. In Landerneau, the Edouard and Hélène Leclerc fund welcomes tens of thousands of visitors to its major exhibitions. As for the Quartz and its grand theater, it is the first national stage of France, outside of Paris, thanks to its large audiences. Between the many music festivals and the international maritime festivals, the big gatherings follow each other but are not alike, there is something for all tastes and all audiences.

The Capucins Workshop project also illustrates the city’s ability to reinvent and recreate itself. Accessible, by the first urban cable car in France, the Capucins Workshops have become a unique place, where all generations, all cultures, believe in living together and sharing the moment.

Here, we are more dedicated than elsewhere!

Let’s not be afraid to assert this, here, while confronting challenges, we are not afraid of anything, especially not to roll up our sleeves. Irène Frachon, a pulmonologist at the University Hospital of Brest and a whistle-blower in the Mediator affair, is one of those strong characters that continues to contribute to the history of the territory.

In Brest, we like facts and pragmatism, we do not judge on appearances, but on the investment and results at work. This commitment is cultivated in both professional and daily life. The associative life is more prominent than elsewhere and schools from the tip of Brittany, have among the best annual success rates in France.

A voluntary territory, it does not wait for solutions to come to it: it takes its destiny into its own hands and seeks its own resources to achieve its objectives. Collectively, it offers the ability to mobilize and carry out projects together. Individually, it's the driving force that drives excellence.

Finally, this taste for commitment is embodied every day by the men and women who carry out the main defense position from the command center of the Atlantic nuclear force or the assistance and sea rescue duties of the “Abeille Bourbon”, the mythical tugboat at sea, always ready to go on a mission, based in Brest.

Here, we play collectively!

« Individually we go faster, but together, we go further. »


The people from the Breton tip, have always known how to mobilize “their collective game”, while the territory faced major development challenges.

The cooperative movement that started at the beginning of the 20th century continues today in the agricultural world (Triskalia, Even, Sill, Savéol ...) and has gradually expanded to areas such as bank-insurance (Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne-Arkéa, Financo, Fortunéo ...), health as well as new digital cooperative solutions that are offered, such as coworking or crowdfunding platforms.

The SMDE (metropolitan strategy for economic development) perfectly illustrates this desire to act and work together to strengthen and build the economic future of the territory. This ability to cooperate is noticeable at all levels, from professional to daily life. Local economic networks are particularly abundant and dynamic. They are open and welcoming and, above all, they know how to work together. You have a project, need an address, a boost ... here you will never be alone. More than anywhere else, social cohesion and values ​​of solidarity are priority concerns. Here, we like to meet and share. Once again, the large number of sports and socio-cultural associations reveal this. Many public community centers; such as Patronages laïques, maisons pour tous, maisons de quartier, centres sociaux, ... here, living together is our ultimate motto.

Open to the world, this territory remains faithful to its Breton roots and identity and the Brest Life brand is complementary to the brands Bretagne and Tout commence en Finistère.


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