Daycare and childcare providers

Brest’s offer in terms of welcoming young children is wide, varied in the types of care it can offer and easy to access both from the financial point of view and time frame.

Choose your childcare method

Whatever childcare services you prefer for your child, you are sure to find it in Brest or in its surroundings.


Individual care at a licensed childcare provider (private employer)

This is the most widely used system for children under the age of three, in Brest and in France in general. A contract is signed between the parent (employer) and the childcare provider (employee of the parent), respecting the employers, individual care childcare provider collective agreement of work.

Individual care at a licensed municipal childcare provider

In this case, the childcare provider is an employee of the municipality and isn’t directly employed by the parents. They are supervised by a multidisciplinary team (pediatric nurses and young childhood educators) and the children are regularly welcomed to participate in collective workshops at the municipal daycare.

Childcare provider associations

Networks of professionals, with the material support of the city, organizing collective workshops and periodic entertainment for the children they care for, and often ensuring the continuity of child care in case of unforeseen circumstances with another childcare provider, member of the association.

Collective care in municipal daycare facilities, cooperative, or associative

They usually welcome children from the end of the mother’s maternity leave to the child’s third birthday. They can also, if necessary, provide occasional childcare at a day-care center. Community childcare facilities, need the parents to volunteer to do the day-to-day management tasks of the association with the management team.

Home child care (shared care)

This type of childcare makes you, either a childcare provider’s employer or a client of a private structure that employs the childcare provider. An organization with the parents of one or more other children is also possible in the context of shared childcare and rotation of the homes used to provide childcare.

Unconventional schedules

Unconventional schedules, childcare for the handicapped or emergency situations, a solution that meets your needs is probably available, somewhere on the territory of Brest.

Find an agent

The « Relais parents assistantes maternelles » (a structure that guides parents with parenting advice and solutions) (RPAM or RAM) are available to parents or prospective parents looking for information and advice on childcare. The individuals of these organizations can answer your questions during devoted hotline hours, during collective information programs, individual meetings or via e-mail exchanges. They will also assist you in your quest.

RPAMs are also available to childcare providers and employer parents, upon status and employment contract issues when the childcare provider care for a child within their own home.

Get information at your town hall or the nearest RPAM to your home. You can also search in the Geolocation tool of the “Caisse d’Allocation Familiale” (the French Family Allowance Fund).


Simulate the cost or your childcare

The “Caisse d’Allocation Familiale” (Family Allowance Fund) provides you with tools that will enable you to simulate the cost of a collective municipal child care solution and estimate the amount of financial assistance you can claim for individual care.



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