Schooling your children

By registering your children in one of the many private and public schools of the Pays de Brest, you are providing them with the opportunity to go to school in one of the best academies in France.

In 2020, Brittany was still on the podium of the best academies in France with a success rate at the baccalaureate (end of high school / year 12 exam), all sectors combined, of 96.8%. In this already excellent Academy of Rennes, Finistère's students are 1.1 points above the national average that stands at 95.7%.

This success is due to the quality of the institutions in the Finistère and the education that is provided there.

Registering your child in preschool or elementary school

Preschools can register your child at the age of 2. It is not compulsory.

In contrast, when a child is 3 years old, enrollment in preschool is compulsory (except for homeschooling).

Registration of your child is done first with your city hall, they will issue you a registration certificate. With this certificate, contact the school principal who will proceed to the admission of your child, to that school.

Documents to provide

  • “Le livret de famille” (an official French family record booklet) or your child’s birth certificate
  • Proof of residency
  • A document testifying that the child has undergone compulsory vaccinations for his age: diphtheria, tetanus, polio
  • If your child has already started school, a cancellation certificate from previous school is needed

Which school to choose?

If you choose public education, you must register your child in the school closest to your home. Registration is possible outside your school zone, even outside your municipality, but receiving school may request a waiver from your zone-appropriate school.

Students in the public school system receive quality education, supported by multiple operations initiated by the municipalities as well as parent-student associations. Physical education is provided and offers programs in (swimming, sailing, horseback riding ...) also, artistic programs, seaside excursions, privileged access to culture through theater (opera, dance ...), school lunches, have a high content of organic products (50% in some schools with the objective of 80% within 4 years ) ...

If you are looking for a school that uses alternative teaching methods (Freinet, Montessori, etc.) or provides bilingual education, school zones are not taken into account.

If you choose private education, registration is done either with the "direction diocésaine de l’enseignement catholique"(the catholic school system), or with the management of associative structures (Diwan schools for example).

Registering your child in middle school/ year 6 to 9

Middle school/year 6 to 9, is the next step, starting at the age of 11. Registration applications will be given directly to your children by their teachers at the primary school. They are also available in Middle school/year 6 to 9 upon request or download.

The Brest region has 26 public middle schools/year 6 to 9 and 22 private middle schools/year 6 to 9.

The public middle school/year 6 to 9 assigned to your child, depends on your geographical zone of residency. To find out which middle school/year 6 to 9 you need to enroll in, consult the "arrêté de sectorisation des collèges publics" (public middle schools/year 6 to 9 by law geographical zoning) of the Finistère and, if applicable, "carte de sectorisation des collèges publics du Finistère", the zoning map of the public middle schools/year 6 to 9 of Finistère.

Waivers are possible under certain conditions and are managed by the Academy Inspectorate. For information on exemptions, go to the académie de Rennes website.

For more information about a specific middle school, consult its fact sheet in the interactive map of public middle school/year 6 to 9 in Finistère.

Registering your child in high school

High school is the last step in secondary education for students starting at the age of 15.

The Brest region has 9 high schools/year 10 to 12 and three public vocational high schools/year 10 to 12 as well as a naval military highschol. Six private establishments complete the offer.

Just like middle school/year 6 to 9, a geographical zoning map determines which high school/year 10 to 12 the student should attend. To find out which school to enroll in, consult the high schools/year 10 to 12 schooling chart of fall of 2018. Schooling in the establishment of the child's designated sector is a prerequisite, however high schools/year 10 to 12 can accommodate students that are not in their sector, within the limit of available spots as well as being subject to obtaining a waiver.

It is also possible to waive the school assignment obligation in the case of enrollment in a "lycée à recrutement départemental" (school departmental recruitment) that offers more specific training.



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