Your spouse's job

When the career change of one of the spouses leads the other to quit their professional situation to follow, some welcoming devices can help them find a new professional activity despite obstacles.

One of the prevailing concerns for candidates facing regional mobility is their spouse’s ability of finding a new job in timely fashion. Indeed, often times, one of the two will need to put their career on hold for a given time, to follow the other that will benefit from a professional opportunity.

To facilitate integration and job search for your spouse, the Stratégie Métropolitaine de Développement Économique (SMDE, Metropolitan Strategy for Economic Development) has created a Recruiters Network.

The Brest Life Recruiters Network

The Brest Life Recruiters Network

Gathered into an informal network of business leaders, its purpose is to work together to provide a collective and united response to what is a hindrance to the recruitment of profiles that interest them and, incidentally, to their development.

The Brest Life Recruiters Network does not just broadcast its members recruitment quests on its Linkedin network, it also spreads out among them the CVs/resumes of the spouses of the prospective employees. These CVs stamped "Brest Life Recruiter Networks" are subject to specific treatment and their outreach can be much more spread out through the network of your employer or future employer and that of each member of the Recruiter Network.

To enable your spouse to benefit from this service, the following conditions must be respected:

  • The broadcast request must come from your employer, that will have agreed to be on the Brest Life Recruiter Network mailing list.
  • the perspective employee must attempt to get closer to their spouse in the course of their hiring process or after the spouse has been employed for 12 months at the most,
  • the affected person must have been living outside of the Brest area, before the spouse took up his new duties.

If your employer is not a member of the Recruiter Network yet, they will need to make a preliminary contact to request their registration on the mailing list and to receive additional information.


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