Real Estate Market

Brest is distinguished by housing costs that averages well below main French metropolitan territories, a feature that encourages and facilitates access to property and makes the rental market more flexible.

Buy property...

While it will take the equivalent of 19 years of income in Lyon, 26 years in Nice and as long as 29 years in Paris to fully own an existing 3 room, here you will only need a little over 8 years of income to achieve this, less than half the national average of metropolises. And if you are more interested in having a new home built, Brest remains the cheapest metropolis in France: count 16 years of income in Brest against 20 years in Nantes or Grenoble, 25 years in Montpellier and as long as 30 years in Nice.

In other words, Brest is the most competitive in purchase price per m²: 1800 € / m² for existing and 2859 € / m² for new. A whole other ball game, if you compare with the Parisian market that goes for 4820 € / m² for existing and 5070 € / m² for new.



...or become a tenant.

Do you prefer renting? Brest again has a lot to bring forward. Here, the median rent is 8.5 € / m², against 16.4 € / m² in Paris. Another fact that isn’t surprising giving the previous numbers, Brest is the metropolis where students leave the nest the earliest with only 11.3% of 20-29 year old’s still live in the parental home.

Are you still hesitating? You can also become a homeowner while being a tenant. With the Tymmo system from Brest métropole habitat, your rent contributes to your purchase!

Make an investment

The fluidity of the rental market is unique in the Brest metropolis, but there is more that may surprise you. Buying property to rent is a wise investment here. Indeed, in Brest, the gross rate of return on rental property (annual median rent per m² / purchase cost per sq. meter) is the highest of all of French metropolises, including Paris and Nice, with a rate of 7.5 %.



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