The employment community

To advise you and guide you in your job search on the territory of Brest, you can seek the help of structures specialized in that. Local branches of national institutions or community initiatives of the territory, you will always find an attentive advisor that is knowledgeable in the opportunities that the territory has to offer.


The Association for Executive Employment accompanies and advises managerial workers throughout their professional career. Information on the labor market, management job offers, advice and services to foresee and consider the different options that are available, are found there.

The “Apec” is also available to young graduates, to help them develop and implement their professional project, prepare them for interviews, build their action plan and identify companies to prospect.

Finally, Apec also fulfills a role of Observatory of the management labor positions available in the job market as well as, consulting and guidance for SMEs / SMIs.

Meet with a free advisor to help analyze your professional situation and move forward (by appointment only).

Relocation agencies

Carrières Nomades

“Carrières Nomades” is a relocation agency whose vocation is :

  • to guides employees in professional mobility, to settle and integrate their new location,
  • assisting Human Resources departments in the management of their mobility policy and in promoting the quality of work life,
  • advise on the various resources available for mobility.

Executive Relocations

The Executive Relocations company manages employees’ domestic and global mobility on behalf of companies in countries worldwide.

Executive Relocations is the first French integrated services provider of national and international mobility for employees. We are able to manage part, or all steps of the corporate relocation programme, regardless of the employee’s profile or destination country.

Pôle Emploi (unemployment agency)

Find the Pôle Emploi employment agency suited to your needs, to contact your advisor for guidance.

La Mission Locale du Pays de Brest

The “Mission Locale” is a place designated for people between 16 and 25, that wish to be helped in their career, autonomy and employment path.
The uniqueness of the “Mission Locale” lies in their global approach. In addition to employment issues, they help young adults with vocational training issues, concerns related to mobility, housing, health and safety, as well as citizenship.

Preferably by appointment.

La Touline

La Touline, recognized of public utility and acknowledged as a socially-responsible company, gives direction to the choice of a professional path and guides mariners, members of navigating crews and people interested in picking a sea-related career (whether at sea or on land) :

  • Orientation and support for finding a job
  • Continuing education and validation of prior experience
  • Promoting the careers and related sectors




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