Accessible and connected

Going West is easy! And once there, the Pays de Brest is easy to live and to get around. All you need to do is choose your means of transportation!

Going West is easy. By car, highways are toll free, the high-speed train TGV, Paris is on average 3 hours and 25 minutes from Brest, (3 hours and 13 minutes for the quickest trip) and by plane, the airport serves all major French cities and 23 international connections.

Once there, life is easy to live and easy to get around.  All you need to do is choose your means of transportation!

  • walk, bike, bus, tram and cable car (Did you know that, Brest is equipped with the first urban cable car in France?), everything is designed to make the daily lives of urban public transportation easier.
  • To get to Landerneau, Crozon, the Abers, the Monts d'Arrée or the dunes of Pentrez, it is only a  thirty-minute drive, which can be reached by car and why not carpool or bus. It takes the same amount of time to go to the islands of Molène or Ouessant by boat from Le Conquet, but if you wish, you can embark in Brest and enjoy a 1 ½ hour mini-cruise.
  • And to venture further into the Finistère or the rest of Brittany, think of taking the train!


Not only is the territory accessible, but it is also connected to the rest of the world. The metropolitan network for professionals has 190 km of fiber optic cable. 82% of homes in Brest are connected to very high speed networks and 100% of the territory of the metropolis will be connected by 2020. Here, we are at the forefront, and yes, we are also digital!
A true factor of attractiveness, the city has chosen to set up a GIX (Global Internet Exchange). Bringing together operators as well as many private and public partners, the GIX is a node of local connections enabling companies to simply connect with each other and to promote exchanges between local partners. It is a digital "short circuit" promoting the economy of the territory.



Brest IX, a local Internet Exchange solution

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