To live in Brest and its environment guarantees an intense cultural life, rich and varied.

No matter the season, the community or the district, you will discover a territory of creation and diffusion of cultures. Whatever the environment, everyone can find something to their liking in the suggested programs.

From the Quartz, France's first national stage (outside Paris), to the Armorica of Plouguerneau, a cultural center at the crossroads of the arts, via the Brest Arena, a sports and events venue, or the Vauban, the mythical cabaret in the city center, discover each of these spots and let yourself be absorbed by their unique atmosphere.


Everything that happens here couldn’t exist anywhere else! Brest has an awareness and cultural acuity like no other city in the world ... where does this come from? The proximity of the ocean, the taste for travel? In any case, Brest is this city that allows culture to be so important in people’s lives... It is for me, the city of all possibilities, as is Berlin: a city in perpetual effervescence.

Matthieu Banvillet, Director of Le Quartz.


Are you leading a group of explorers? Together, go discover Océanopolis, a unique park in France, dedicated to the discovery of oceans including temperate, polar and tropical environments. And after having traveled the seas, conquer new lands at the National Botanical Conservatory, an incredible green space at the gates of the city.

Are you an art lover? Big names such as Giacometti, Miro, Chagall and Picasso have also made a layover at the Pays de Brest. The Hélène and Edouard Leclerc foundation at Landerneau astonishes its visitors with each new exhibition. Labeled City of Art and History, Brest contains architectural and heritage treasures that are waiting for you. Walk down the galleries of the Museum of the Navy or the Art Museum of Brest (distinguised by the Michelin Green Guide).

Do you prefer to read? Dialogues bookstore is one of the largest independent bookstores in France. And, did you know that in Brest, the network of municipal multimedia libraries has the highest reading rate in France, in ratio with its population?

Do you want to discover Breton culture? You will vibrate to the sound of binious (Breton bagpipes), bombarde (Breton oboe) and bagpipe bagads (Breton word used to represent the group of musicians) of Saint Marc, Plougastel or Plomodiern. If you feel restless, you can also join the dancers’ round in fest deiz or festou noz (Breton words that name breton gathering with traditional dances), or, if you're shy, just admire the choreographies of the Celtic circles of Plougastel or Faou ...

The tip of Breton is bubbling with creativity, talent and desires. You said accomplished?


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