The key to living well is undeniably linked to purchasing power, the cost of living, consumer price and residential quality.

Individual home or apartment? City, countryside or seaside? Inner-city or outskirts? Modern design of the new or charm of the old? Private housing or public property? Purchase or rental? Offers throughout the Pays de Brest are wide, varied and affordable:

  • To rent: 8.50 € / m² per month*.
  • To buy: 1800 € / m² for existing homes and 2859 € / m² for new construction*.

Compared to other urban agglomerations, Brest ranks among the most affordable major cities in France and among the most profitable in terms of rental investment. On average, the gross rate of return is 7.5%, compared to 4% in Paris.

Are you coming here to study? Good news: the city is also one of the most affordable territories in the hexagon**, an essential fact when we know that housing is the biggest expense for students.

Become a young property owner, rent an electric bike, practice the activity of your choice at the lowest cost, go to the sea or go to the countryside every weekend, here in the west, it's possible!


*Source : Observatoire de l’habitat du Pays de Brest, #79 and #80 / April and October 2019 ADEUPa

** Source : Classement des villes selon le cout de la vie étudiante / August 2019, UNEF

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