Pleasant place to live

Everyone aspires for a pleasant quality of life, to flourish, to find an ideal work-life balance.

If Brest surprises you, it will surprise you in a positive way. "Choosing Brest is choosing a close-knit metropolis, it's choosing proximity," says David, a student in Brest. It has as much to offer as any large city: diverse infrastructure, major public facilities, extensive network of public transportation, a wide range of offers in sports and culture, a dense economic fabric ... it also, and above all, has what others don’t have and that’s what makes it so special and diverse:

  • In the morning, dropping the children off at school doesn’t become an obstacle, here there are no traffic jams (or barely any)!
  • Here you can live in the city, in a house with a garden or just steps from the beach. You can also live in rural locations. Seaside or green side, you choose the environment of your daily life.
  • Here, escaping from your daily routine is so easy, half an hour's drive is enough to escape, get a breath of fresh air: go to Molène or Ouessant, walk the hiking trails along the coast or along the canal from Nantes to Brest, climb the Monts d'Arrée ...
  • Here, people are open and endearing. If they have a renown tenacious character, it is to better appreciate you and especially because we love its authenticity.
  • Here, after work, we have a life, on the terrace, practicing or watching sports, at sea, we have time for ourselves, for family and friends.
  • Here, heritage is abundant, cultural offers are diversified, networks are dynamic, it swarms, it changes, it moves and the territory continues to evolve. "Everything that happens here could not exist anywhere else! " Emphasizes Matthieu Banvillet, Director of the Quartz, National Stage. Indulge yourself and make your own opinion!

Last but not least, living together is a true reality here: spatial and social segregation as well as extreme poverty are less prominent than elsewhere. Cohesion, security and solidarity are the challenges of a territory that has made its inhabitants quality of life a priority.



Plage de Trégana, à Locmaria-plouzané

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