Brest Expo

The place for large trade shows and gigantic concerts.

Brest Expo, also known as Parc de Penfeld, it is the most important facility in terms of surface area, 13,000 m² covered and 15,000 m² outdoor space, in the Brest region.

Brest Expo is located north of the city, on the banks of the Penfeld, just 10 minutes from the city center. It is a vast and entirely modular space dedicated to the organization of events: public or professional fairs, trade shows, corporate events, business meetings, receptions, galas, shows...

Its main hall covers 8,250 m² of an unobstructed clear floor. Thanks to its architecture and its high ceilings, it can receive events of any size, including unusually large events: that can host up to 12,000 spectators in standing configuration.

The second hall, with an area of 3,600 m² on two floors, can serve as an extension of the first (the two halls communicate) or be dedicated to other uses: lounge, lunch or dinner, plenary meetings ...

Brest Expo is accessible by the bus network and connected to the entire public transportation network and has 3,000 available parking spots.


> Cérémonie d’élection Miss France (2012)
> Convention internationale THETIS sur les Énergies Marines Renouvelables (2013)
> Stromae (2014)
> Bartabas, théâtre équestre Zingaro (2016)
> Salons et évènements annuels : Salon de l’orientation Azimut, Salon du Vin et de la Gastronomie, Salon de l’Habitat Viving, Salon du Tourisme, American Lunaparc, Megaland…

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