Set up your seminar or convention in the heart of a magical place, Océanopolis, the ocean discovery park.

With 76 aquariums and pools containing 4 million liters of seawater and housing 10,000 animals, Océanopolis, Center for Scientific and Technical exploration of the Sea located at the edge of the Brest harbor, offers the general public of all ages a dive into the heart of marine environments and its ecosystems.

From tropical, to Arctic and Antarctic environments, and through the Brest harbor and Brittany coast, the three marine pavilions: tropical, polar and Brittany allow each visitor to better understand today's environmental issues through raising awareness and media tools.

In 2014, Océanopolis welcomed 10 million visitors since its creation in 1990, an average of 400,000 to 500,000 people per year. Since it has opened, Oceanopolis remains the most popular tourist site in Brittany.

Dare to use Océanopolis to host your corporate events, conferences, seminars, ... in a unique setting. All the magic of the oceans associated with nationally recognized know-how.

Day-time event

  • One amphitheater with 84 seats
  • One auditorium with 254 seats
  • One meeting room (20 pl.) With a view of the shark basin
  • A fully modular event pavilion of 400 m²
    • Meeting configuration: from one to four rooms, for a maximum capacity of 360 people
    • Trade show configuration: up to 32 booths
    • Restaurant configuration: 320 guests at tables sitting eight attendees each (360 for tables sitting nine)
    • Cocktail configuration: maximum capacity of 500 people

Evening event

The privatization of spaces in the evening (after closing to the public) gives way to late guided tours for your guests. Three pavilions can accommodate you.

  • Event Pavilion (see above)
  • Tropical and Brittany Pavilions: the magic of aquariums
    • Tropical Pavilion: 250 attendees in Cocktail configuration or 90 attendees in Restaurant configuration
    • Temperate Pavilion: 350 attendees in Cocktail configuration or 150 attendees in Restaurant configuration
  • Give your collaborator’s children an unusual and unforgettable Christmas party:  treasure hunt and snack/cocktail at our restaurants and/or in front of the aquariums ...

Located close to the marina of the Moulin Blanc, Océanopolis is the ideal springboard for the success of all your communication events, a magical place for exceptional corporate events!

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