How to get around?

Going to class, going shopping, going out at night or on weekends, going on vacation, everything is easier here, even without a car. To make your life easier, here you will find clever and practical means of transport.

Moving about the metropolis

By foot

Economical, ecological and excellent for your arteries, the "pedestrian" mode is possible almost anywhere without danger, especially in the hyper-center with the Jean Jaurès street and the Siam street where cars and motorcycles don’t have access.

By bike

Bikes of all kinds, hoverboards, unicycles, electric scooters, etc. find their place alongside cars by means of dedicated lanes on main streets (last count totalled 207 km) or, where appropriate, by sharing wide sidewalks with pedestrians.

An interactive map of cycling facilities can be found on the city's website.

If you do not have a bike and do not want to buy one, the Vélocibus service is for you. This long-term rental service, set up by the transport operator Bibus, is particularly interesting for subscribers to the public transport network.

For a short trip, opt for the Vélozef service: an electric bike share service (150 in September 2021), VéloZef is designed for an "easy come, easy go" use. Starting at 80 cents for15 minutes.

By bus, tram, and cable car

This network is made up of 22 regular bus lines serving the entire metropolitan area (not including the school lines and reservation services Résago transport on demand) as well as a tram line and a cable car line.

Find all the offers on the Bibus site as well as the conditions of access to the "Annual Pass", a special offer reserved for students: 270 € (200 € for students benefiting from scholarships) to take advantage of the transportation network all year and at will!

By taxi

Three groups of companies represent the bulk of the offer for the city of Brest.

Les Taxis brestois : +33 (0) 2.98.801.801

• ABC Allo Taxis Brest : +33 (0)

Taxi 806 : +33 (0) 2.98.806.806

Geolocate available cars, get an estimate of the fare for your trip and book your taxi by downloading the iOS or Android applications from their website.

Dans les artères principales du centre-ville, tramway et piétons coexistent en parfaite harmonie.

Explore the surroundings and return

By car

Here, highways (also called expressways) do not charge a toll. You are free to move as you wish. But whether you are a driver with available seats or a passenger looking for a driver, have the carpool reflex! The communities of the great West offers you access to the "" platform, ideal to move around the Brest region and even a little further.

For longer trips, use one of the online carpooling reservation solutions.

Using public transport

The public transportation network of the Brest metropolis is designed in intermodality with the Penn-ar-Bed coaches (departmental service) and the TER (regional service). The Viaoo29 platform enables you to easily compose your trip by public transport in the Brest region and in Finistère, including to the islands of Ouessant and Molène. To organize a trip to the rest of Brittany and beyond, you can turn to the MobiBreizh service.

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