How to get to Brest ?

By plane, train or car, getting to Brest is easy. So give your brain a gift, give it a special oxygen and iodine spa treatment.

By car:

Brest is served by two main highways:

  • the N12 connecting Brest to Rennes (245 km) or to Paris (596 km) along the north coast of Brittany
  • the N165 from Nantes to Brest (296 km) which is the southern route of Brittany

These two highways, called "voies express", are completely toll-free.

By train:

A high speed rail (LGV) connects Brest to Paris in an average time of 3h 25 min (3:13 for the shortest trip). 10 connections are provided daily between Paris and Brest.

Regional train (TER) provides connections to Nantes, Rennes and throughout the West.

By plane:

The Brest-Bretagne International Airport is the main Breton airport, with more than 1.2 million passengers a year passing through its terminals.

It offers 23 international connections(London, Barcelona, Prague ...), nine flights a day to Paris and four flights a day to Lyon.

A shuttle bus connects the airport to the Tram, seven days a week starting at 5.30 am up to 11 pm.

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