Entertainment and social outings

City of students and sailors, Brest has at least two excellent reasons to be very well equipped to welcome night owls.

Movie theater

Movie buffs who wish to watch a movie can choose from three sites:

  • Le Celtic, 187 rue Jean Jaures, eight theaters for general programming in VF(French version) and VFST (French version with subtitles). Student rate (upon presentation of proof): 6.70 €/session (4.50 €/session on Wednesdays starting at 6 pm)
  • Le Multiplexe Liberté, 10 avenue Clemenceau, 15 theaters offering sessions in VF (French version) and VOST (original version with subtitles). Student rate (upon presentation of proof): 6.70 € / session (4.50 € / session on Thursdays starting at 6 pm).
  • Les Studios, 136 Rue Jean Jaurès, 5 theaters dedicated to art house and socially engaged movies in VO (original versions), projection-debates and foreign film festivals. Student rate (upon presentation of proof): 5.50 € / session.

Note that Celtic and Liberté also offer retransmission screenings of operas or ballets filmed from the world's most prominent opera houses: London, Moscow, New York ...
In 2020, a Majestic space will open within the Ateliers des Capucins: five theaters that will screen programs designated towards young audiences, teenagers and young adults.

Theater, concerts and shows

It is impossible to list all the venues and facilities in the Brest region that offer cultural programs dedicated to students. We can nevertheless mention some of the most emblematic spots and the closest ones to university facilities:

  • The Quartz, the first National Stage of France in terms of audience: theater, dance, concerts, its programming covers all genres and all aesthetic styles, of live shows.
  • The Mac Orlan, a theater dedicated to supporting dance, helps to disseminate the projects of local cultural artists from other creative disciplines and the dissemination of artistic and cultural projects of the inhabitants.
  • The Stella or Maison du Théâtre is, as its name indicates, the privileged place of initiation, experimentation and theatrical creation.
  • La Carène, theater of contemporary music, is a concert hall that offers between 70 and 90 concerts a year, from local musicians to major national and international tours, representing all styles of contemporary music.
  • The Vauban is a unique and unclassifiable place. At the same time a hotel, restaurant, bar and cabaret, this institution, legendary for all true Brest inhabitants, on Saturday nights transforms its stage into a nightclub.
  • Brest Arena is the melting pot where major live sports and entertainment events take place: games, concerts, musicals, ballets.


West Brittany offers an abundance of festivals that can be musical, artistic, maritime ...

To find out more about the cultural calendar of Brest and its region, visit the BrestCulture.fr website, which exhaustively lists the schedule of local events.

After that?

We believe you will quickly become autonomous in the organization of your evenings. You will only have one thing left to do: come up with an excuse to go out! In the meantime, here is some basic information about Brest nightlife.

L'ambiance du Tara Inn, sur le port de commerce. Les nuits brestoises n'attendent que vous! ©Simon Cohen/Brest métropole


Whatever your desired taste of the moment, there is a restaurant that will suit it. Cuisines of the world, fast food, traditional cuisine or local gastronomy (the other word used for "creperie"), a simple search on the internet will indicate the address of your next meal. For late appetites, several restaurants will willingly welcome you after 10 pm, some even until midnight or later! And for the little 3 am craving, nothing better than a kebab or a sandwich with fries, rue Jean Jaurès.

Traditional or themed bars

Brest is very comfortably equipped with establishments to welcome your early evening and after dinner plans with friends. Some of them, that you will soon hear about, are veritable (and sometimes venerable) institutions. Most open until 1am, some continue until 2 am.

Beyond that, you will have to venture into night bars (four in the city center) or clubs.


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