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Food services solutions offered to students meet several criterias: proximity to school sites, low cost, balanced meals, variety of menus and flavors.

University restaurants and cafeterias

Close to school sites, these are the easiest and most economical solutions: for 3.15 €, students can enjoy a complete and balanced meal in any one of the university restaurants. In need of a little snack, amidst a busy schedule, cafeterias offer quality fast food starting at 3.25 €.
Find all the information about university food services, menus and payment methods on the CROUS website.

cafeteriasuniversity Restaurants
Cafet' IUT Brest
Rue de Kergoat   
RU Kergoat
1 rue du Commandant Vibert
Phone : +33 (0)
Open noon and evening, from monday to friday.
Cafet' AES Brest
Avenue Victor le Gorgeu
RU Plouzané
260, avenue de rochon
Phone : +33 (0)
Open from monday to friday, only at noon.
Cafet' Sciences Brest
6, avenue Victor le Gorgeu
RU Brest-centre
7, avenue foch
Phone : +33 (0)
Open from monday to friday, from 8:15 am to 18:00 pm (closing at 16:00 pm on fridays)
Cafet' Médecine Brest
22, avenue Camille Desmoulins
RU L'Armen
2 bis, Av. Le Gorgeu
Phone : +33 (0)
Open noon and evening, from monday to friday.
Cafet' Centre Brest
7, avenue Foch
Téléphone : +33 (0)
Cafet' Le Bistrot Kergoat
1, rue commandant Paul Vibert
Téléphone : +33 (0) 2


School cafeterias

Two schools have their own cafeterias on-site:

  • ENSTA Bretagne Restaurant : located near student residence and for their use alone, it serves in cafeteria style, morning, noon and evening, every school calendar day, including the weekends. The cost of a full meal varies from about 3.30 € to 4 € for students. A wide variety of meals are served enabling all those with specific dietary restrictions to find something that corresponds to their needs.
  • Associative restaurant of Kernévent : the "RAK" is open every day for lunch and dinner, including weekends, and offers meals to be eaten on site or to go, starting at 3.60 €. It is a privileged spot for students and agents of the Atlantic IMT, but ENIB students can also enjoy it in the evenings, weekends and public holidays.

In addition, almost all schools have a cafeteria for snacks and/or student housing with vending machines.



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