Sports and leisure

Striving for excellence can sometimes be tedious, so when weariness lurks, give yourself a break. Your brain needs oxygen and, to say the truth, it isn’t alone, your muscles would also like some. Indoors or outdoors, individual or collective, here, you will without a doubt find the sport, cultural or relaxation you need.

Leisure practice

Here, one can practice virtually any sport, except perhaps snow skiing (and yet, it seems that a ski school at Capucins station can be found...).

In Brest, sports facilities are numerous and varied. To those available to the general public we can add the following access to students: the facilities and equipment of the university and those of the top ranking higher education establishments.

For the most part, higher education institutions offer to their students access to equipment, in addition to classes and training, either as part of their educational program (compulsory ENSTA Brittany, for example), or in the association of the BDEs.

Competitive practice

For those who wish, the institutions organize internal tournaments or are entitled to participation in various university championships. Apart from those competitions, the university and top ranking higher education establishments of Brest, participate each year in inter-establishment tournaments or events of national scope such as:

  • The Breton Schools Tournament (TEB; Le Tournoi des Écoles Bretonnes)
  • The Grand Prix of the Naval School (sailing regattas “Le Grand Prix de l’École Navale”)
  • The UniLaSalle Ovalies (biggest european university rugby tournament)
  • The course croisière EDHEC (EDHEC yacht race)
  • The Sports Tournament of the top ranking higher education establishments (TSEGD, a multiple disciplinary sports tournament)
  • The 4L Trophy (car trail with humanitarian purposes, for students ages 18 to 28)

Ici, on fait toujours des rencontres, même au détour d'une vague. ©Ronan Gladu/Brest métropole

High level practice

Several establishments in Brest, including Brest Business School, ISEN and UBO, have the label of hospitality establishment for “Athletes of High Level”. This academic label recognizes and certifies the commitment and actions taken to welcome top athletes.

The accredited institutions guarantee a flexible school schedule adapted to high level athletes to enable them to carry out their dual school and sports objectives.

Discover Brest's sports offer

fostered growth

Enjoy the cultural abundance

Culture holds a prominent place in the city: there is no coincidence that the Quartz is the most popular National Stage in France, nor that it has a breathtaking media library that was installed at the heart of the Capuchin Workshops. In Brest, satisfying one's appetite for the arts is as easy as practicing sports. And again, everything is done to facilitate student access to culture.

In addition to various offers and discounts on movies, theater, concerts, dance, etc., associations and offices specific to each establishment will be able to offer, in connection with the UBO Cultural Services, many artistic activities in regular weekly or one-off lessons again for a small cost, or free of charge, with the possibility for some of them to practice in the framework of Free Teaching Unit (UE).
The Cultural Service also helps student cultural initiatives on the following aspects: search for partnerships, equipment, rehearsal rooms or funding. In addition, it organizes events throughout the year: public lessons, shows, exhibitions, festivals of student creation.
Membership to Cultural Services is 10 € per year.

Practice an advanced artistic activity

The status of "advanced student artist" at the UBO is awarded for one academic year. It gives the awarded student the opportunity to benefit from certain schedule adaptations throughout the school year (for example: priority choice in groups, authorized absences for performances or internships, possibility of organizing special examination dates). Other types of support may be provided to "advanced student artists" depending on their academic, artistic and specific educational requirements.

For more information on this status, visit the dedicated page of the UBO website.

Having fun

"Mens sana in corpore sano *", of course, but are you just looking to burn off some energy?

You are spoiled with a large variety of choices to choose from: paintball, laser game, bowling, karting, role playing board games, video games, escape games / panic room, impossible to name them all.

Whether you are a lone wolf or a pack leader, you will find something you enjoy among the activities suggested here. And if that is not the case ... be the creative leader in your establishment!

*"A healthy mind in a healthy body"


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