Welcoming events

Whether you are a new student straight out of high school / year 12 or a returning student, reception services are for you.

For many years now, Brest has been welcoming its students.

To show them how much they are valued here and to help them discover all of the assets this territory has to offer, every start of a new school year is subject to careful and rich programming.

The “Brest Life Experience” Passes

Live the Brest Life Experience: a unique and unusual way to get to know the territory in France, throughout the year. Sailing on an offshore racing boat, discovering behind the scenes of a film shoot and meeting its actors, fishing for abalone, feeding the penguins of Oceanopolis ... Here, we have imagined a program exclusively reserved for students, for an authentic welcome and integration that reflects the true persona of the Pays de Brest!

Passes allow students to discover Brest and its territory in its most original, unusual, emblematic or, in short, exceptional aspects!

For example, Last year it enabled students to discover; behind the scenes of a game at the “Stade Brestois”, the kitchens of a starred restaurant, the visit of a nuclear submarine, etc.

For this season 2019-2020, some passes will be renewed, but many new events are expected, to continue to provide students with nice surprises ...

Enter the contest and find event feedback on the dedicated Facebook page.

Discover Brest

What better way to get to know a city than by following a tour guide?

Brest Walking Tours organizes tours of the city in French or in English for students. From the Place de la Liberté to the Capucins district, through the Jardin des Explorateurs and Saint-Malo Street, you will tread through the centuries-spanning history of Brest in a fun and jolly manner.

If your school does not have scheduled group visits organized, you can register individually to tours on Saturdays (registration is not mandatory but is strongly advised).

Live the "Brest Life"

Throughout the year, youth project managers from the city's services and from the metropolis commonly encourage, help and enable students and the youth in their initiatives.


Brest accueille ses étudiants


It is a well-established tradition in most higher education institutions: integration parties, or even integration weekends (sometimes even both!) are on the agenda for newcomers, often thanks to the personal investment of more senior students. Greeting of students by their peers is an excellent way to connect and of course, to pass on, the “en off ” information from one generation of students to another.

Greeting international students

The Brest population are travelers, but they also like to welcome travelers from all over the world. To be up to the task and to give international students the feeling of being as much a part of Brest as its natives, events are specifically dedicated to them (in addition to the other events to which they are obviously warmly encouraged to participate!).

Among these events, we can mention a welcome day in September, consisting of an outing at sea followed by a reception at the Carène, as well as the “Nuit des Étudiants du Monde” (World Student Night) at the Capucins, in October.

Finally, the CROUS has written a manual for them, to help them land smoothly.

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