"Capitale French Tech" with its partners, Brest was "digital native" before its time. Particularly involved in the #FoodTech, #Fintech, #HealthTech and #IoT activities, it reinvests its talents, its know-how and its entrepreneurial spirit into a popular, disruptive and transversal digital.

The "Capitale French Tech" label enables us to show both nationally and internationally that  here, we are competitive for the creation of innovative companies and the digitalization of the economy. This makes it possible to attract new talents: we are in the race, just like other big cities in the country!

Eric Vandenbroucke

Director of Economic Development and International Brest Metropolis

The Brest region has a global vision of information technology, with a very complementary expertise and a range of skills that remains very rare in France. The Brest offer is strongly positioned on optical telecommunications, mobile communications, image and information and signal processing, space, virtual and augmented reality, intelligent transport, autonomous drones and robots as well as cybersecurity, among others.

In a constantly changing digital world, the territory of Brest is distinguished by its ecosystem, enriched both by a policy of development of uses recognized at the national level and very dynamic innovation.

This enthusiasm is illustrated by the emergence of new players in research, such as the B-Com, Institute for Technological Research, as well as by the proliferation of ideas and ways to achieve them: cooperative work or co-working , that sees project sponsors and startups exchange within third-places (La Cantine Numérique, The Corner, la Pool, Tech Iroise, l@ Flotille…) ; support for startups at different stages of their development through the accelerators Technopôle Brest IroiseVillage by CA or West Web Valley ;the opening of digital workshops or fablabs (UBO Open Factory, Ty Fab, les Fabriques du Ponant…) to create, experiment, prototyping ...

FOCUS SUR : The West Web Festival
"The spirit of the Austin SXSW (Texas, USA) coupled with the 1st European rock festival, Les Vieilles Charrues". Here is the innovative cocktail offered by the creators of the West Web Festival. Participating in the West Web Festival is diving into the digital world by attending various conferences and exchanges during workshops. The opportunity to also join festival-goers of the Vieilles Charrues and to discover the greatest names of the French and international music scene.

The Brest metropolis encourages and stimulates the digitization of the economy in order to create added value and conquer new markets. Including the fact that data will be this centuries gold, in Brest, it sets up a digital "short circuit” for economic organizations of the territory: BrestIX (GIX).

To be more prominent on the European level and since many people are going faster and further, Brest, Lannion, Morlaix and Quimper have joined forces and their ecosystems. The result? 1,620 establishments representing 19,000 federated jobs collectively awarded the French Tech label in 2015, then "Capitale French Tech" in 2019 : French Tech Brest +.  Thanks to this approach, the tip of Brittany is a major player within the Images and networks competitiveness cluster.


Images et Réseaux

Internationally-oriented competitiveness cluster, Images et Réseaux brings together IT, telecoms and audiovisual professionals in Brittany and the Loire Valley: IMT Atlantique, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Thales ... It helps the bearers of innovation in their projects. With its network of partners specializing in ICT, Images & Réseaux activates the meeting of innovators, industrialists and funders to collectively bring together technologies, uses and markets.

Clip de la French Tech Brest+

In Brittany, and especially in Brest, the digital roots go back to the expertise deployed in the military field: communications, signal processing, encryption ... The digital culture has spread through higher education institutions that have trained and continue to train engineers and researchers in this field. These institutions include the Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique Bretagne Pays de la Loire (IMTA), the University of Western Brittany (UBO), the National School of Advanced Techniques (ENSTA Bretagne), the National School of Engineers of Brest (ENIB),the Higher Institute of Electronics and Digital (ISEN Brest) and the Naval School

The progress of digital technology has stimulated the imagination of innovative companies in all sectors. What would you think if you were told that turbocodes started here? That the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa was the first online bank on the Minitel, then on the internet, and even on smartphones? That the Telegram was the first online newspaper in France? That 4G was invented in Lannion and took its first steps in the port of Brest? A true "meta-sector", its evolutions energize all other fields of excellence; the sea, e-health, defense, banking ...among others

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