Accessible and connected

Going west is simple. Here, everything is thought through to facilitate accessibility and proximity. A priority in daily organization!

Inaugurated in July 2017, the high-speed train line is a major asset to our territory.  Since July 2017, Paris is 3 hours and 25 minutes from Brest (only 3:13 at certain times). You have a professional meeting in Paris? Do the round trip during the day and choose the schedule that best suits your needs among the 10 daily connections.

Top airport in the Brittany region in terms of traffic, Brest-Bretagne international airport accounts for more than 1.2 million passengers a year. In addition to its 9 daily connections to Paris, it serves all major French cities and provides 23 international connections.

Located at the tip of Europe, at the crossroads of many North-South and East-West shipping routes, the commercial port of Brest is Brittany's largest commercial port with an annual average of 3 million tons. Equipped with efficient infrastructures, it ensures the importation and exportation of multiple raw materials. It also has a naval repair center, best in France, for the maintenance, repair or modification of ships. The commercial port of Brest also hosts several cruise ships every year. In 2018, 14 ships stopped over at Brest and allowed more than 16,000 passengers to discover our territory. The port of Roscoff, located 65 km from Brest also provides passengers with many connections to England, Ireland and Spain.

In parallel, the current development of the tremendous polder by the Brittany Region aims to host activities related to marine renewable energies (underwater turbines, wind turbines).

©Simon Cohen/Brest métropole

Once on site, the area is easy to navigate.

On foot, by bike, bus, tram, cable car (Brest is equipped with the first urban cable car in France. Did you know that?), Everything is designed to facilitate accessibility and proximity. A priority in daily organization!

Do you work here and live there? In this case too, everything is designed to make your daily life easier. The Penn Ar Bed bus network offers 13 lines to get you to and from business zones. You can also choose to take the TER (the SNCF’s local express transportation network) to go to Landerneau or a boat to go to Crozon!

Not only is the territory accessible but it is also connected to the rest of the world. The metropolitan network for professionals has 190 km of fiber optics cabling. 82% of homes in Brest have very high-speed internet connection and 100% of the territory of the metropolis will be connected by 2020. Here, we are at the forefront, yes, but also digitally!

A true factor of attractiveness, the city has chosen to set up a GIX (Global Internet Exchange). Bringing together operators and many private and public partners, the GIX is a node of local connections enabling companies to simply connect with each other and to promote exchanges between local partners. It is a digital "short circuit" promoting the economy of the territory.

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