Ever since one can remember, the territory has fostered two strong values, the sense of commitment and the desire to act collectively.

The cooperative movement and mutualism enabled the creation of large cooperatives such as Savéol, Sill or Even in the agricultural field. Other powerful cooperatives also started here in the field of banking and insurance, Arkéa or Financo are part of these large groups. The associative fabric is very dense in the Pays de Brest, and has become the backbone of many professional activities.  Large numbers of networks are also irrigating the territory today.


Becoming a metropolis in 2015 was an ambitious commitment. A commitment that puts economic performance, attractiveness and proximity at the heart of the territorial project. This new status has led to the adoption of a Metropolitan Economic Development Strategy (SMDE). The SMDE relies on the characteristics of the territory: a certain ability the inhabitants and companies have, to federate through the mutualism, the cooperation or the associative action with a European, and international dimension, as well as a certain spirit of conquest.


The territory, through collaborative work of 400 private and public organizations has identified five main challenges and they have committed to stay the course:

  • Attract, promote and welcome
  • Encourage initiative, innovation and skill development
  • Conquer national and international markets
  • Transition successfully
  • Grow its centers of excellence and its metropolitan economic dimensions.

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