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In January 2015, Brest became a metropolis. The second metropolis of Brittany federates 8 municipalities. A driving force in the development and empowerment of western Brittany, it is the center of gravity of a pool of life and employment organized within the Metropolitan Pole of the Pays de Brest.

Joined January 1st 2018, by the community of communes of Pleyben-Châteaulin-Porzay, the Metropolitan Pole of the pays de Brest extends from the Pays des Abers to the Crozon Peninsula. This territory counts 7 intercommunalities, 123 communes and represents 420,000 inhabitants.

Some key figures on the Brest employment zone

> 120 municipalities
> 185 000 jobs
> 30 000 students
> 455 000 inhabitants
> 13 600 executive jobs in the metropolitan functions
> 207 000 working population (72% activity rate)
> 6.1% unemployment rate (7.4% in mainland France)
> 35 200 establishments
> 150 hectares under development

The huge diversity of the economic fabric characterizes the territory.

From the “blue economy” (industries focused in sustainability) to the digital world, via the agri-food industry, western Brittany radiates internationally in many sectors of excellence.

Réparation navale


Zoom on the jobs linked to the sectors of excellence

35,000 maritime jobs

Maritime, military and civilian activities, a whole ecosystem linked to the sea is developing here. Science and Technology of the Sea have created Brest’s reputation, which ranks world-wide among the top 10 cities in this field and ranks first in Europe. The Pays de Brest concentrates more than 50% of French public research.

18 200 jobs in French Tech Brest + (Finistère & Pays de Lannion)

The territory is at the digital forefront. Certified "Capitale French Tech", today there are 1,630 establishments and 18,200 jobs related to this sector. The territory is home to a multi-site digital campus, unique in Europe.

30 700 jobs in the health sector

The CHRU, the leading health operator in Brittany, ranks 8th nationally in research. Several specialties such as molecular genetics or image-guided surgery are areas where Brest excellence is recognized. Health on the territory represents 6,000 professionals and 1,300 students.

6 100 jobs in the banking / insurance sector

The tertiary sector accounts for 78% of jobs in Brest. Brest welcomes top national and international networks in the field of finance and trade (Arkéa, Financo, OVH ...).

20 200 jobs in the agri-food and agriculture sector

Big names in the food industry started at the tip of Brittany. There are no fewer than 1,330 farms, 7,125 employees and 400 small and medium-sized businesses in Brest. Research is also a major quest for tomorrow, it focuses on health safety, nutrition, marine biotechnology ...


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