The second largest university metropolis in Brittany, Brest has a 96.8% “baccalaureate” (end of high school/year 12 exam) success rate for all baccalaureate exam types combined and a high level of training capacity. What if the sea air was good for our brains?

“Higher education institutions have become economic development players in their own right. Training of students, whom are the resources of tomorrow's human capital, jobs, operating and investment expenses, contribution to the attractiveness of territories, transfer and dissemination of knowledge and skills within local companies ... "

Extract from the study “Poids économique de l’UBO dans le Finistère" (Economic weight of the UBO in Finistère), ADEUPa 2013

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The territory welcomes nearly 30,000 students each year, including 3,000 international students. The diversity of the subjects, the excellence of the research, the quality of the teaching, the outlets offered in the territory and the unique living environment are all part of what makes Brest a breeding ground for strong intellectuals.

One multi-major university, eight “grandes écoles” (prestigious universities) and one digital campus unique in Europe. All these institutions of higher education maintain and develop their partnerships with companies throughout the territory, in the educational field but also in research. Fundamental links for tomorrow’s professionals.

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