Is Exploring and developing second nature to you? Innovation is imbedded within us as we imaging tomorrow today. Here we are at the forefront ... in every sense of the word!

Four competitiveness clusters, 11 research and innovation centers, 50 research units in the Pays de Brest including four INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) units, one observatory of the sciences of the universe, gathered at the Campus mondial de la mer (World Campus of the Sea) ... the nationally and internationally phosphorus territory.

The territory is innovative, in both physical and digital infrastructures. Technological gem and first of its kind in France, the urban cable car of Brest inaugurated in 2016 connects people when, GIX in parallel, connects companies of the metropolis. Bringing together operators and many private and public partners, the GIX is a node of local connections enabling companies to simply connect together and to promote exchanges between local partners. It is a short circuit that boosts the economy of the territory.

Innovation is also reflected in the presence of infrequent fields on the territory! For example, this is the case in the health field;l particularly in pediatrics and ophthalmology, as well as, in the maritime field with the development of the algae industry and the cluster project offered by the “Pôle métropolitain” (Metropolitan Pole) of the Pays de Brest.

Awarded the French Tech label in 2015, and "Capitale French Tech" in 2019, the metropolis encourages and stimulates the digitization of the economy to create added value, conquer new markets and promote the creation of start-ups. Consolidated, in Morlaix, Lannion and Quimper, the metropolis values a rich ecosystem, encompassing 18,200 jobs.

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