You wish to establish yourself here

Establishing yourself here is, of course, finding suitable plots and premises that meet your needs, but it is also much more than that.

Like other metropolitan areas, Brest offers a wide and varied range of coworking spaces, business innovation centers, incubators, offices, commercial and industrial premises, as well as plot reserves able to accommodate your infrastructure needs.

What distinguishes this territory is that your installation will not be a solitary experience for you. You will be able to find a,t every step of your project, an attentive ear to advise you, guide you to the right people and integrate you into the economic networks that drive the territory.



Discover available property in the territory ...

50 hectares of land are available for hosting economic activities.

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... and currently available real estate

The Pays de Brest has a diversified offering of business facilities. The market has been particularly buoyant since 2016 thanks to a high level of investment.

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