Go off the path

Want to catch a breath of fresh air, to leave the city to reach the great outdoors, nature, or overall spectacular or atypical sites? The Brest destination can offer you all this and much more.

Escape (without going too far)

Where does the city stop, where do the big open spaces start? Not so easy to answer this question. From the Courts Dajot, we dominate the 18,000 hectares of the Brest harbor while being just two steps from the train station, and when you stroll among the large trees of the National Botanical Conservatory, you are only a few minutes from the top from Jean Jaurès street and even closer to the Moulin Blanc beach.

But let's just say that all this is still too urban for you. It's time to explore the surroundings!

Here you have an abundant array of choices:

  • Cross the Iroise Sea to the Molène or Ouessant Islands
  • Follow the Route des Phares and prepare for their ascent, including the Virgin Island Lighthouse in the Abers, the highest in Europe (82.5m!),
  • Walk by the sea along the GR34 trail or inland along the canal from Nantes to Brest,
  • Take the Route des Pingouins and stop in the cottages and hotels that line it
  • Discover the grandiose Pointe Saint Mathieu site, a true gateway to the Atlantic or the majestic cliffs of Pen Hir, at the end of the Crozon peninsula.
  • Visit the Daoulas Abbey and the parish enclosures,
  • Acrobatic access to the stronghold of Vauban in Bertheaume: zipline and rope bridges for thrills,
  • Push your bare feet into the fine sand of the beaches of Saint Pabu or Blancs Sablons, the dunes of Sainte Marguerite or Pentrez,
  • Enjoy a crêpe and a bowl of hard cider at the fishing village of Menezham
  • and a thousand more possibilities

Pack your bag, grab good shoes and your camera: you will get a breath of fresh air in the Pays de Brest.

De la Pointe Saint-Mathieu, on ne distingue que l'extrémité de la Presqu'île de Crozon. Au-delà c'est la mer d'Iroise, l'océan Atlantique et si on regarde encore plus loin vers l'ouest... New York.

Follow the guides

Brest is not just a metropolis, it's a destination. Set up your base camp or overnight stop and set up your schedule for the week-end or the week by visiting the Brest Terres Océanes website.

Find all you need to know about the means provided for you to get around during your stay.

You don’t want to leave the harbor? Prepare a made to order itinerary for yourself, with Brest Life's bay guide « Entre quai et océan »  (between ocean and dock) .

And if you need more, visit local Tourist Offices websites :


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