How to come to Brest

Getting to Brest is easy: by plane, train, car and even by boat, Pointe Finistère reaches out to you.

By car :

Brest is connected by two main highways:

the N12 connecting Brest to Rennes (245 km) or to Paris (596 km) along the north coast of Brittany.

the N165 from Nantes to Brest (296 km) which is the southern route of Brittany

These two highways, called "voies express", are toll-free all along.

By train :

A high speed rail (LGV) connects Brest to Paris in an average time of 3h 25 min (3:13 for the shortest trip). 10 connections are provided daily between Paris and Brest.

Regional train (TER) provides connections to Nantes, Rennes and throughout the West.

By plane :

The Brest-Bretagne International Airport is the main Breton airport, with more than 1.2 million passengers a year passing through its terminals.

It offers 23 international connections(London, Barcelona, Prague ...), nine flights a day to Paris and four flights a day to Lyon.

A shuttle bus connects the airport to the Tram, seven days a week starting at 5.30 am until 11 pm. It is only a matter of 20 minutes to get downtown.

By boat:

For boaters, Brest has two marinas that total more than 2,000 boat slips, of which 250 are reserved for passing visitors.

Finally, ships from Brittany Ferries from Plymouth, Bilbao and Cork, dock in Roscoff, 65 km from Brest.

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