Here authenticity is a shared value that marks both human relationships and local gastronomy. Find the original taste of things, tasting local products and discovering the producers know-how as well as quality dining throughout the Brest region.

Let's pry open some doors: the culture of Breton gastronomy is famous in New York, Tokyo and throughout the rest of the world thanks to these divine delicacies we call “crêpes” and “galettes” (learn not to confuse them!), Kig ha farz and other kouign amann. An actual tradition that continues to be innovative, it can be experienced anywhere in Brittany and particularly in Brest and its surroundings, where quality restaurants prevail.


A Histoire de Crêpes à Landéda, Olivier Lazennec revisite les classiques de la gastronomie bretonne.


Brittany is also a land of agriculture and breeding that has not forgotten the essentials.

The mild climate favors the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in the open and allows animals to graze for a large part of the year, as many pledges of natural and authentic flavors. If the Brest region is proud of the quality of its products, there is one that particularly makes its inhabitants proud: the Plougastel strawberry, famous far beyond the Breton borders, sweet, fresh and juicy.

Brittany's gastronomy (and economy) is also inseparable from seafood. This is especially true in Finistère, that accounts for 25% of fresh French fishing alone. Trawlers that scour the Iroise Sea bring back seabass, pollack, mullet, cuttlefish or sea bream to the dock and the traps catch spider-crabs and crabs, among others. Shellfish lovers are not left out: abalones from Plouguerneau, fabulous wild abalones from Molène, scallops, black scallops, bouchot mussels and flat oysters from Brest harbor ... Fishermen, fish farmers and shellfish farmers from the Brest region have a concern for quality that goes hand in hand with a reasoned approach to their activity and are respectful of the resources of the marine environment. The exceptional taste qualities of their products are such that they lend themselves as much to simple preparations as to refined preparations of the master in the art of sushi.

With raw material of this caliber and a lively gastronomic culture, it is not surprising to see top chefs moving here. Today, there are no less than eight, Michelin-starred restaurants that open their doors to all amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Many excellent establishments complete this offer throughout the territory.

Finally, and because all this may have made you thirsty, Brest and its region are honored by the presence of fifteen artisan breweries that offer a variety of productions that without a doubt will satisfy any connoisseurs: the Brasserie du Baril, the Brasserie de Trevarn or the Brasserie du Bout du Monde to name a few.


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