Shopping break

Take the pulse of the city, stroll along its streets, push through the doors of its shops, interact with its inhabitants, discover its heritage. The city's heart only wants to beat even stronger.

In our territory, urban is conjugated in the plural form.

Here, shopping is not just about finding the trendy item that will decorate your dressing room, it's also to discover a rich and unknown heritage, to get lost in the perpendiculars of "Siam" and "Jaurès", to take a break on one of the Port of “Co ' “ terraces, savor some delicacies in the “halls” ... without ever losing sight of the sea.

Brest, labeled "City of Art and History", is open, welcoming, supportive, easy to live and to walk!

From the Christmas market to the summer sale fair, through the Saint-Michel fair or the Spring events, "Les Vitrines de Brest" and "Coeur de Jaurès" * instills throughout the city center and all its neighborhoods a lively atmosphere. The two associations each year offer a dense and original program to give visitors a unique experience.

An approach accompanied by the downtown manager whose mission is to stimulate a new dynamic to the entertainment of the city center, to accompany retailers throughout the highlights of the year.

* The two associations of downtown professionals

Awaken your senses during a shopping break in the city center


Read at Dialogues, visit Océanopolis, discover the Naval Museum, contemplate at the Museum of Fine Arts ...


Quartz, Vauban, Penfeld Exhibition Center, Carène, Brest Arena ...


Sea spray, farmers markets, flowers and plants of the botanical conservatory ...


Everything! from the harbor scallops, in many restaurants, to the Plougastel-Daoulas strawberries, found at multiple daily farmers markets, and with the fresh products of the region found at the Halles Saint-Louis and Saint-Martin ...

> 3500 businesses
> More than 700 stores in the city center
> 5.5 million visitors each year
> 18,000 pedestrians per day
> One city manager
> Free parking on Saturday mornings

TOUCH ... or be touched by

  • Brest 2016 and its 750,000 visitors
  • The Saint-Michel fair and its 160,000 onlookers and bargain hunters
  • The Jeudis du Port and its 80,000 night owls
  • The Short Film Festival and its 40,000 moviegoers
  • Sea Tech Week and its 1,500 delegates
  • Astropolis and its 40,000 festival-goers
  • The Printemps des Sonneurs and its 10,000 Breton music lovers
  • The Tréteaux Chantants and its 9,000 spectators
  • The Christmas Market and its 8,000 intrigued dwellers each weekend...


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